International Nursery Little Dreams

1 International Nursery Little Dreams has created a warm environment for International children stimulating them to convey their culture and traditions, to build a positive self-image and awareness of their identity.

2The nursery is organized according to a project approach: there is no pre-determined program. The ability of teachers to observe and to keep record is essential to understand and support children in their growth.   
International Nursery Little Dreams offers you the opportunity to meet a whole world of multicultural diversity, a world of the future where your child will develop freely beyond borders and grow to be a citizen of our planet.

International Nursery Little Dreams offers teaching strategies of psychosocial and moral development, cognitive and language development, affective learning and motor skills.
These strategies include learning which contains:

  • poems
  • songs
  • stories and educational activities including:
    • various arts and crafts activities
    • worksheets
    • projects
    • videos
    • educational software
    • role play
    • physical exercise and other extracurricular activities.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday 08.00 - 16.00

Get in Touch

Tel: 063 272 996, 011 26 52 000
Address: Bulevar Vojvode Putnika 22, Senjak, Beograd

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