Typical daily sessions

Please note these routines are only examples and we do a few of these each day. Routines remain very flexible to accomodate childrens very induvidual needs. Periods of rest, feed times, outdoor time and free play always reflect the needs of the child and the whishes of the parents and they are not shown below.

Fine Motor Skills ( Spoon, Tweezers, Tongs Transfers, Lacing, Treding etc..)
Music Class (with or without instruments)
Drawing / Arts/ Science Projects/ Playdough time
Montessori Sessions / Sensory Activity
Inteligent toys (Geo Boards, Pins in Colour, Shape shorting and recognising etc..)
Grapho/ Motor Skills (Letters / Numberes)
Gym Classes
Story Time with Discussion
Circle time with theme of the month


Working Hours

Monday to Friday 08.00 - 16.00

Get in Touch

Tel: 063 272 996, 011 26 52 000
E-mail: internationalnurserybelgrade@gmail.com
Address: Bulevar Vojvode Putnika 22, Senjak, Beograd

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